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    Avast! Free Antivirus

    Avast! Free Antivirus represents the best free antivirus protection currently available on the market. This edition is FREE OF CHARGE for non-commercial & home use. Its features include:
    • Anti-spyware built-in
    • Web Shield
    • Anti-rootkit built-in
    • Automatic updates
    • Strong self-protection
    • Virus Chest
    • Antivirus kernel
    • System integration
    • Simple User Interface
    • Integrated Virus Cleaner
    • Resident protection
    • Support for 64-bit Windows
    • P2P and IM Shields
    • Internationalization
    • Network Shield
    [​IMG]Homepage - www.avast.com

    Avast! Free Antivirus 7.0.1474
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    Mod ơi, sao nó chỉ cho 30 days only?

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