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    Mirillis Action! 1.30.1


    Action! allows real-time recording/capture of Windows Aero desktop in a superb HD video quality. With Action! you can record web player videos, your gameplay, display game framerates, add live audio commentary to create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots... and more!

    v1.30.1 (2016-03-30):
    • IMPORTANT: Recording stability fix for Intel Quick Sync accelerated video recordings
    • IMPORTANT: Audio - video synchronization improvements
    • LIVE Streaming stability fixes
    • Fixed webcam recording for LIVE Streaming with "Record streamed video to disk" option disabled
    v1.30.0 (2016-01-27):
    • Remote Action! improvements
    • Fixed exporting to YouTube using normal (non-admin) Windows user account
    • Stability improvements
    v1.29.0 (2015-10-21):
    • IMPORTANT: Remote Action! service is now free for all users
    • Fixed video recording on Normal (non-Admin) user account
    • Stability improvements
    v1.28.0 (2015-10-17):
    • IMPORTANT fix for systems with NVIDIA Optimus technology on Windows 8.1/10 (with global setting preferred graphics processor set to high performance NVIDIA processor)
    • Improved support for Intel Quick Sync Video technology (requirement to connect or create a display for Intel graphics card is now obsolete for Windows 8/8.1 or higher)
    • Fixed OpenGL applications recording on systems with NVIDIA Optimus and Windows 10
    • Fixed Windows Logon screen recording for setups with hight DPI Windows settings (125% DPI or higher)
    • Improved quality of software recording in MP4 format
    • Stability improvements
    Installer (20.67 MB): https://mirillis.com/files/action_1_30_1_setup.exe
    Site: http://www.nitroflare.com//view/4B795761EDE16A3/reg.reg
    Installer + Serial (20.31 MB)

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