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    Visualising your images in Windows Explorer. Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP - 32 and 64 bit.
    ** Instant Photoshop/RAW and many other popular image thumbnails in Windows folders! **
    Recommended for Professional and Amateur photographers, Artists, Content Creators, Printers etc.

    MysticThumbs generates thumbnails of many image formats not natively supported by Windows.

    It plugs into Windows Explorer so you don't have to run a separate application to preview your images, see them all in the native shell and Open/Save dialog boxes in all 32 and 64 bit applications!

    Enhanced thumbnails
    MysticThumbs has a fully configurable control panel where you can adjust thumbnail generation options and icon overlays, with options like transparency, thumbnail borders, scaling, embedded thumbnail selection and more.

    Compound file support for files such as HTML, Maya and EML that use external files to make a complete image.

    Options are controlled on a file type / extension level or if required on specific files through context menu control in Explorer.

    Feature overview
    • Photoshop, RAW Photography images, DirectX, Targa & PowerVR game textures and all sorts of other images never looked so good in Explorer!
    • All suported file types are all fully configurable.
    • Transparency support - opaque, transparent, checkerboard.
    • Image viewer to inspect all supported file types via context menu.
    • Individual image customization via context menu.
    • Embedded thumbnail or full image extraction.
    • Enchanced support for native Windows supported images, PNG, TIFF, BMP etc.
    • .wav sound files displayed as a waveform!
    • Customizable file type icon overlays.
    • Thumbnail adornment option, shadow or flat (no frame).
    • Per image adjustments via context menu.
    • Force transparent thumbnails on desktop option.
    • Regular updates.
    • Plugin support so you can add your own formats.
    • Languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.


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