Norton 360TM/ Norton Internet Security/ Norton AntiVirus [All vesion post here]

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  1. kunhi

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    Mấy cái này có Key không bạn ơi?
  2. gavang

    gavang Member

    Mấy bác cho hỏi là nên dùng NIS hay Nor360 hay hơn? Cấu hình máy mình là AMD 2400 2.4 x 2, ram 2GB. và nếu Nor 360 thì dùng abn3 nào?
  3. ngbaoha

    ngbaoha V.I.P

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  4. Mitxitorang

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    Norton NTR 2014 by George W - Convert trial to 180 days




    Sau khi cài đặt và sử dụng TR để convert thành 180 ngày xong, mở trang quản lý tài khoản để lấy key nếu bạn muốn chia sẻ cho người khác

  5. D D H

    D D H Member

    Norton AntiVirus/ Internet Security/ 360

    • Firefox 28 Compatibility update
    • Fixed issue where high CPU and I/O usage during Idle (link)
    • Resolved problem where Norton Toolbar Safe Search "Live Search" results pulls focus from searchbox (link)
    • Solved issue where links to threat definitions within the product were not clickable (link)
    • Fixed problem where "Norton is currently...background tasks" displays at startup, but no tasks are running (link)
    • Resolved the issue where Disk Optimization was failing with the message "Drive B: Other error" (link)
    • Toolbar enhancements - Toolbar Settings Panel, enhanced infobar for multiple logins.
    • Resolved issue where Norton 360 Online Backup displayed "Failed - New Files Backed Up: 0"
    Norton Removal Tool
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  6. D D H

    D D H Member

    Norton AntiVirus/ Internet Security/ 360

    • Added a new client with updated and secure version of OpenSSL
    • Patched IDSafe which also picks up the new client build
    • Fixed an issue where Norton Product crashes when Norton Tasks window kept open.
    • Fixed an issue where users were unable to login/logout from the Norton Main User Interface
    • Few in-field fixes
  7. D D H

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  8. ngbaoha

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    Norton 360 / Antivirus / Internet Security 2015
    Norton Antivirus OEM
    Norton Internet Security
    Norton Antivirus
    Norton 360
    Norton 360 Premier Edition
    Norton Internet Security 180 ngày,
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  9. D D H

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    Norton Security/ Security with Backup 2015

    • Norton AntiSpam stops filtering spam emails from Outlook
    • Norton fails to activate with error codes (-6) & (-1010)
    • False positive detections "Suspicious.Cloud.x" after updating Norton
    • Norton Identity Safe fails to auto fill websites with multiple logins


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  10. 87tranhungdao

    87tranhungdao Member

    ko có reset trail bản 22.5 à bạn ơi ?
  11. Mitxitorang

    Mitxitorang S.Moderator Staff Member

    NS/NSBU 2015 - 90 ngày - 5/10 thiết bị

  12. Horence

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