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    Turn Off Monitor to Turn Monitor Off manually / instantly or automatically

    Turn Off Monitor with desktop shortcut, system tray menu, system tray icon, after idle time, and many other easy to use and control features. Turn Off Monitor software can be used on Laptop, Notebook or a Desktop Computer running Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc and can turn monitor off, initiate computer shutdown, standby and many other useful computer control features.


    Turn Off Monitor

    Turn Off Monitor is a Software utility which allows to turn monitor off with shortcut, keyboard, after idle time, in a scheduled way and provides many other useful features. Download Free to try Software Download and use it on Laptop running XP, Vista or any other Windows Operating System. Turning your Laptop Screen Off would be really easy with Turn Off Monitor Software Download.
    • Conserve / Save Energy by switching off desktop, laptop or notebook monitor / console.
    • A User Defined System Wide Shortcut / Hot Key.
    • Can Turn Off Monitor when mouse is docked / moved to top left of the screen.
    • Can be used to Turn Off Laptop Monitor easily.
    • Turn Off Monitor can be used to switch off Desktop Monitor without pressing the button on the computer monitor.
    • Multi Monitor Shutdown : Shutdown or Standby all the monitors connected to your computer easily.
    • Move Mouse Cursor Easily on a Computer with Dual Monitors or Multiple Monitors connected.
    • Windows Management functions and other useful Add On programs / applications with Turn Off Monitor. Show Desktop, Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically and more Add On Programs / Applications.
    • No flickering when turning monitor off using Turn Off Monitor program.
    • Turn Off Monitor without interfering with your internet connection so if you downloading some files from internet and you do not need display to remain on, you can turn off monitor easily.
    • Turn Off Monitor when running a program which is going to take good amount of time (e.g Virus Scanner etc) and you do not need display to remain turned on.
    • Turn Off Laptop LCD Monitor with ease.
    • Setup creates a Shortcut on Desktop to Turn Off Monitor.
    • In case your current configured ScreenSaver does not work at designated idle time, then it may be that some application generates User Input due to which Computer does not remain idle and configured ScreenSaver does not work.
    • Read how to Change / Start Screen Saver easily.
    • In Built Auto Log Off Functionality. Auto Log Off Signed on User if computer left inactive / idle.
    • Turn Off Monitor Settings Displays Computer Idle Seconds (ie time for which there is no user input)which can be helpful to diagnose the problem of screensaver not working
    • Application can Start ScreenSaver if Computer Remains idle for n minutes (n configurable from Turn Off Monitor Settings).
    • Turn Off Monitor if Computer Remains idle for n minutes (n configurable from Turn Off Monitor Settings).
    • Turn Off Monitor Displays Time in Seconds for which there has been no user input.
    • An Icon in System Tray (User can remove this Icon if not required from Settings).
    • Various useful features can be accesses by Right Clicking on the System Tray Icon.
    • Icon in System Tray provides various useful features such as ShutDown,Restart,Log Off etc.
    • Icon in System Tray provides various other features such as opening related Control Panel Items.
    • Icon in System Tray provides functionality to Turn Off Monitor after n Minutes.
    • Icon in System Tray provides functionality to Turn Off Monitor if computer remains idle (i.e. No Key Pressed on Keyboard and No Mouse Movement) for n minutes.
    • Whenever Monitor needs to be turned ON, just move mouse a little or press any key on the Keyboard.
    • Turning Off Monitor when not in use saves electricity which is not the same as running a blank / black Screensaver.
    • Turn Monitor Off whenever Computer is Locked irrespective of whether computer is locked manually or automatically, and save energy.
    • Turn Off Monitor Allows to Keep System Active (e.g When System is kept active Power Management Settings will not Turn Off Display untill Checkbox is unchecked).
    • Can be used as an alternative in case Monitor won't turn off even when set in power settings
    • Can be used as an alternative in case screensaver not working or does not start automatically
    • Can be handy to control various power save features easily without going to control panel
    • The Software Download can be helpful when you want to download music or listen to music only.
    • You can use the Software Download whenever using computer without user input / interaction such as long music download, long file download, listen to music, listening to online songs, etc.
    • You can close the application using system tray icon by selecting exit from the menu
    • Can be useful when you wish to listen to songs, but do not need the display to remain on
    • ToolTip of the System Tray Icon displays useful information about settings in Turn Off Monitor Utility
    • Hibernate and Wake Up Computer after User Defined Duration or at User Defined Time.
    • More Features of Turn Off Monitor
    • In Built Functionality to Eject CD easily. Eject Optical Drive / CD using Desktop Shortcut easly.
    • Create Keyboard Shortcut to launch application / program or open existing document using keyboard shortcut key.
    • In built Manager to Manage Menu Items in Desktop Right Click Menu, and when you create Desktop Shortcut using Turn Off Monitor, you can opt the option to be added to Desktop Right Click Menu as well. (Supported only on Windows Vista)
    • Let Computers Save Energy, and and reduce your energy bills for better.
    • Download Turn Off Monitor application's short description in pdf format and read it in your favourite reader.
    • The Software works with Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Windows Operating Systems.

    Homepage: http://www.rtsoftwares.com/TurnOffMonitor/Turn-Off-Monitor.htm


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