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Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Technical Preview

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Technical Preview is an early beta version of Kaspersky's security suite.
There's no complete list of new features yet, but once obvious change is the optimised, simplified and even more Windows 8-like interface (there's touch screen support, too). At first glance this looks a little plain to us, but Kaspersky says it's not completed yet, so we'll reserve judgement for now.
Kaspersky's Safe Money (a feature which helps to secure your online transactions) now supports more banks and web stores, and allows you to choose your preferred browser.
The company claims the new release will use less resources. And apparently it will also provide "connected standby technology support", although what level of support, and where, isn't yet clear.
This isn't the most exciting of betas, then, but if you're interested in try it out, the process is easy enough. You don't have to register anywhere, or sign up to the testing program: just download the installer to your target system (which should be fully backed up - this is a beta, and sure to contain many bugs), run it, and complete the setup process as normal.
Keep in mind, though, that this should be a clean install. Don't try to install the beta over an older version, and don't even try to transfer previous settings. And once it's running, don't rely on the suite protecting you for very long - it's just not reliable enough yet.

There's little to get excited about in Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Technical Preview, but if you're a Kaspersky fan it may still be worth a look

bản này hiện tại vẫn chưa test vôi, kẻo phải cài lại win đó
build mới nhất làm cpu ~ 100% :((
Kaspersky Anti-Virus/ Internet Security 2015 Tiếng Việt

2. Add 2 file reg vào regedit trước khi cài đặt. Nếu đã cài kaspersky trước thì xóa key củ -> Tắt tự bảo vệ -> Thoát hoàn toàn kaspersky sau đó add 2 file reg.
3. Dùng tường lửa của kaspersky block 2 địa chỉ sau và tiến hành update
activation-v2.kaspersky.com, activation-v2.geo.kaspersky.com

Đã test thành công cách trên tại bài viết #137 :chienthang: cho bản EN đang sử dụng dưới hình thức Trial 30 days và giờ thành xxxx ngày hic hic
Thứ 2 sẽ chủ động Update tiếp xem có bị sao không :matwa:
Test cái này ngon không bác. Mình dùng hơn tháng rồi vẫn ngon mà sao thấy it người quan tâm vậy kìa

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