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Exercise Files
001 Welcome.mp4
002 What you need to know.mp4
003 Using the exercise files.mp4
004 Understanding front ends and back ends.mp4
005 Benefits of a SQL Server back end.mp4
006 Understanding SQL Server editions.mp4
007 Installing SQL Server Express 2014.mp4
008 Starting and stopping SQL Server.mp4
009 Using SQL Server Management Studio.mp4
010 Importing a SQL database.mp4
011 Understanding SQL Server data types.mp4
012 Importing SQL Server objects.mp4
013 Editing the table design in SSMS.mp4
014 What is SQL Server Migration Assistant_.mp4
015 Downloading and installing SSMA.mp4
016 Creating the empty SQL Server database.mp4
017 Preparing the Access database.mp4
018 Setting default SSMA project options.mp4
019 Mapping source and target data types.mp4
020 Identifying the Access objects to migrate.mp4
021 Creating an SSMA project.mp4
022 Creating an assessment report.mp4
023 Fixing common migration errors.mp4
024 Running the SSMA project.mp4
025 Backing up the database.mp4
026 Using the SSMA Migration Wizard.mp4
027 Exploring the results in SQL Server Management Studio.mp4
028 Exploring the changes to Access.mp4
029 Relinking tables after structural changes.mp4
030 Linking new SQL tables from a production database.mp4
031 Linking to ODBC databases.mp4
032 Attaching the SQL database.mp4
033 Creating the data source.mp4
034 Establishing the table links in Access.mp4
035 Adding records to linked tables.mp4
036 Linking to SQL Server views.mp4
037 Preparing to upsize.mp4
038 Using the Upsizing Wizard.mp4
039 Editing tables.mp4
040 Migrating queries.mp4
041 Next steps.mp4

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