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    With Dropbox, you can create multiple accounts and set them up in various ways on a computer.

    Work-around: Using multiple drop boxes

    A fairly easy, though not very professional solution is to simply enter the one of the accounts for the other folder freely, just as you would with a friend or colleague for example the folder. So you can access all folders at least always.
    Use two Dropbox accounts on one computer: Comfortable variant

    Since about the Dropbox program can not manage two accounts at the same time, you need the normal dropbox program and a portable version. And how it works:
    • If not already done, load the program Dropbox Download and install this.
    • Now log in with your user name and password of the first account.
    • Download now the portable version Dropbox Portable AHK Download and install this. Currently, she is unfortunately only available for Windows systems.
    • Log in to the portable version of Dropbox now with your second account. Here you have the possibility to change the Dropbox icon in the taskbar color, so you can distinguish the two programs (see picture).
    • Every time you restart the computer, however, you must open the file "DropboxPortableAHK.exe" so that the portable version of dropbox starts and the files are synchronized.
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