TrainSignal - VMware Workstation 9 for the IT Admin Full,bộ video +Ebook học về VMware Workstation

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This course will show you the inner workings of VMware Workstation. You'll learn to navigate the interface, configure virtual machines, access VMs remotely, and you'll learn to download and deploy virtual appliances. This course is intended for IT administrators who want to become more familiar with VMware Workstation.
Lesson 1: Introduction to VMware Workstation for the IT Admin 00:09:33
Lesson 2: VMware Workstation Overview 00:16:44
Lesson 3: Installing VMware Workstation 00:11:13
Lesson 4: What's New in Workstation 9? 00:07:36
Lesson 5: Creating Virtual Machines in Workstation 00:20:11
Lesson 6: Navigating and Using VMware Workstation 00:28:59
Lesson 7: Sharing Files Between Host and Virtual Machines 00:08:34
Lesson 8: Advanced Virtual Machine Configurations 00:36:01
Lesson 9: Accessing Virtual Machines Remotely with RDP, VNC, and WSX 00:24:14
Lesson 10: Managing vSphere and Deploying VMs with Workstation 00:07:54
Lesson 11: Downloading and Deploying Virtual Appliances 00:09:45
Lesson 12: Administering VMware Workstation from the Command Line 00:15:34
Lesson 13: Creating a Windows Active Directory Virtual Lab Using Workstation 00:24:57
Lesson 14: Converting Virtual Machines from Hyper-V to Workstation 00:19:03
Lesson 15: Comparing VMware Workstation to Other Solutions 00:11:53
Lesson 16: Should I Use Workstation or vSphere? 00:04:16

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