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Good auditing practices are essential to ensure a server is kept secure and reliable. In this course, Auditing Windows Server 2016 for Security and Practices, you'll be guided through the advanced auditing settings in Windows Server 2016. First, you'll learn how to keep track of information about how users are signing into systems. Next, you’ll discover how and when objects on a system are accessed. Finally, you'll explore how to know when a critical change occurred in a system. When you're finished with this course, you’ll have the knowledge needed to properly set up auditing in your Windows Server 2016 environment and prevent a threat to your company’s security and productivity. Software required: Windows Server 2016.
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01. Cource Overview
02. Cource Setup
01. Overview.mp4
02. Setting up the Lab Host Machine.mp4
03. Setting up the Lab Virtual Machines.mp4
04. Configuring the Lab.mp4
05. Using Event Viewer.mp4
06. Investigating an Event.mp4
07. Using Powershell for Event Viewer.mp4
03. Auditing Accounts
01. Overview.mp4
02. Auditing Simple Logon logoff.mp4
03. Auditing Account Logon.mp4
04. Auditing Group Membership and Account Lockout.mp4
05. Auditing Special and Other Logons.mp4
04. Auditing Resource Access
01. Overview.mp4
02. Auditing Detailed Tracking.mp4
03. Auditing Shared Objects.mp4
04. Auditing the File System.mp4
05. Auditing Task Manager.mp4
06. Auditing the Registry.mp4
05. Auditing the System
01. Overview.mp4
02.Auditing Policy Change.mp4
03. Auditing Privelege Use.mp4
04. Auditing the System.mp4
05. Using Global Object Access.mp4

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