Video Lab + Ebook học Exam 98-365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

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Microsoft MTA Windows Server Administration 98-365
Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

This video training with James Conrad covers Microsoft Windows server technology, including topics such as remote access, active directory, and more.

Recommended skills:
Experience working with servers

Recommended equipment:
Windows Server 2008

Related certifications:
Microsoft Technology Associate

Related job functions:
IT professionals

If you're a student, faculty, or staff member of a qualified educational institution, and you're new to IT and servers, this is the place to start. Microsoft's 70-365 certification tells employers that you've got your server basics down pat.

Trainer James Conrad explains how servers differ from the standard PC. He demonstrates the value of server redundancy and clustering, which is so important when one or more hardware components fail. You'll also learn about Active Directory (AD) infrastructure and group policy, both essential topics for every aspiring IT admin.

By the time you've finished watching this series, you'll be ready for the certification exam and know how to perform basic server administration for a small business or department.
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1. Series Intro
2. Understanding Device Drivers
3. Understanding Services
4. Installation Part 1: Editions of Windows
5. Installation Part 2: Installation Options
6. Application Servers
7. Web Services
8. Remote Access Part -1
9. Remote Access Part -2
10. Print Services
11. File Services
12. Server Virtualization
13. Accounts And Groups
14. Organizational Units And Containers
15. Active Directory Infrastructure
16. Group Policy
17. Storage
18. Server Hardware
19. Performance Monitoring
20. Startup Process
21. Business Continuity Part 1
22. Business Continuity Part 2
23. Updates
24. Troubleshooting


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